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  • Crowded Free Tv Series

    Crowded Free TV Series Online

    Genre: Comedy

    Director:Suzanne Martin

    Stars: Patrick Warburton Carrie Preston Miranda Cosgrove Mia Serafino

    Vote: 6.5

    Quality: HDTV

    After 20 years in the roles of mom and dad, Mike and Martina have the house to themselves again and are cutting loose and becoming reaquainted their wild sides. Events quickly make it clear that the freewheeling lifestyle will have to go back to being a fantasy -- at least for a while -- when their two adult daughters unexpectedly move back in. To make matters worse, Mike's parents cancel their plans to live out their golden years in Florida. Mike and Martina find themselves with a full house again, having to readjust to living their lives around others after their brief and intoxicating taste of well-earned freedom.