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  • Gold Rush: Alaska (2010) Free Tv Series

    Gold Rush: Alaska (2010) Free TV Series Online

    Genre: Reality-TV


    Stars: Paul Christie Todd Hoffman Parker Schnabel Jack Hoffman

    Vote: 7.3

    Quality: HDTV

    Gold Rush: Alaska (2010) A depressed economy has radically changed the way many Americans live their lives. For Todd and Jack Hoffman, those changes mean risking it all -- including their health -- as gold miners in the wilds of Alaska. With his aviation business grounded, Todd leases a gold claim in southeast Alaska, Porcupine Creek, the same place his father, Jack, mined in the 1980s. They recruit a small group of greenhorn miners from their Sandy, Ore., hometown, and "Gold Rush: Alaska" follows their efforts to strike it rich. It's the biggest gamble these men have ever taken, a last chance in the heart of "The Last Frontier."