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The Film Peddler (2011) Free Movie

The Film Peddler (2011) Free Movie

Genre: Documentary

Director:Shannon Kelley
Stars: Joe Leahy John Shipp Jimmy Fuller Butch Rigby
Vote: 7.0
Quality: WEBRip
The Film Peddler (2011) 'The Film Peddler' offers a humorous and revealing glimpse into the life of John Shipp, a man who at one time with his associates controlled over half of independent film distribution in the USA. When not hobnobbing with celebrities like Clint Eastwood and George Burns, or making sure that Paul Newman had enough beer in his hotel suite, John was amassing a fortune while at the same time producing, in his own words, "Some of the worst movies ever put to film". Enduring financial ruin and personal hardship, John later came out on top again in ways he never could have imagined. And he did it all with a chuckle from his heart and a smile on his face, embarking on a remarkable and inspiring journey that spanned nearly fifty years in the film industry.