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Framed for Murder (2007) Free Movie

Framed for Murder (2007) Free Movie Online

Genre: Crime Drama Thriller

Director:Douglas Jackson

Stars: Elisa Donovan Susan Walters Perry King Claire Brosseau

Vote: 4.3

Quality: HD

Framed for Murder (2007) The bipolar June Baldwin hits her abusive unfaithful husband Tony with a statue and leaves home with her beloved son Sammy. When the police officer arrives, he finds Tony dead with four strikes to the head. June claims innocence but accepts the deal to spend eight years in prison offered by the prosecutor. She leaves her son with her sister Claire, married to the wealthy entrepreneur Jason (Perry King). Eight years later, June leaves the prison cured with the appropriate medication she is using and moves to Claire's manor with the intention of disclosing the truth about the murder of her husband.