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Envisage (2012) Free Movie

Envisage (2012) Free Movie Online

Genre: Drama

Director:Rich Sturdevant

Stars: Fedjwick Sylvanus Lizz Henderson Heath Silvercloud Laura A Rice

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Quality: HD

Envisage (2012) Follow a normal day in the life of three abnormal people to see what it's like to walk in another person's shoes for a day. Shot entirely in subjective camera, the audience will experience a day in the life of these three characters by hearing their internal monologue, dialog, and by seeing what they see as they go about their daily business. Since the movie is all about perception, all three characters lives intertwine in a scene that each character perceives completely different, leaving the audience to decide for themselves what really happened on this normal day. Each characters lives twist and turn as the movie progresses into a fun, yet different, cinematic adventure.