Episodes list for TV series Wanted (2016 )

  • S03-E05,E06
  • S03-E03,E04
  • S03-E01,E02
  • S02-E06
  • S02-E05
  • S02-E04
  • S02-E03
  • S02-E02
  • S02-E01
  • S01-E06
  • S01-E05
  • S01-E04
  • S01-E03
  • S01-E02
  • S01-E01
  • Wanted (2016 ) Free Tv Series

    Wanted (2016 ) Free TV Series Online

    Genre: Drama

    Director: Richard Bell, Rebecca Gibney

    Stars: Rebecca Gibney Geraldine Hakewill Anthony Phelan Nicholas Bell

    Vote: 7.8

    Quality: HDTV

    Wanted (2016 ) Lola and Chelsea know nothing of each other, only that they wait for the bus everyday at the same time. This all changes when the two women intervene in a fatal carjacking and are subsequently thrust into a chase from authorities across Australia with a vehicle filled with cash. The strangers must rely on each other and their instincts while they are on the run.