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The Californians (2005) Free Movie

The Californians (2005) Free Movie Online

Genre: Drama

Director:Jonathan Parker

Stars: Noah Wyle Illeana Douglas Kate Mara Cloris Leachman

Vote: 4.9

Quality: HD

The Californians (2005) Slick, smug developer Gavin Ransom has a dream: make millions by blanketing the coastal hills of northern California with flamboyant, mini mansions. His sister Olive a raving environmentalist, thinks otherwise, and aims to stop her brother's land gobbling plans. When Zoe Tripp a striking beautiful folk singer, joins Olive's cause, Gavin gets thrown for a loop, falling hard for the striking young woman with the golden voice. Caught between Olive's righteousness and Gavin's affection, the idealistic and innocent Zoe, coached by her parents and a maternal environmentalist must choose between a cause she's grown up supporting, or the affections of a man who stands for everything she believes is wrong.