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The Crooked Web (1955) Free Movie

The Crooked Web (1955) Free Movie Online

Genre: Crime Drama Film-Noir

Director:Nathan Juran

Stars: Frank Lovejoy Mari Blanchard Richard Denning John Mylong

Vote: 6.1

Quality: HD

The Crooked Web (1955) Cafe owner Stan Fabian joins Joanie Daniel and her "brother" Frank in a scheme to unearth a "fortune in stolen gold buried by Frank" in Germany during World War II, and Stan is unaware that Joanie and Frank are undercover agents trying to get a confession from Stan of a murder he committed in Germany. Joanie plays on Stan's love for her, insisting he join the Army and so gain access to the supposed hidden treasure , buried in what is now a U.S. Army reservation. Entrapment is the word used now.